My mom bought my first camera, a Kodak 104 with flash cubes! It was a best friend I took with me on my first experience at overnight Girl Scout camp. I took pictures of everything...the cabins, the totems, the lake, the loons, but mostly of the new friends I was making. I didn't know it then, but I was on my way to developing a love and a life long hobby and eventual profession that would soothe my soul and fill me with happiness! Fast forward a gazillion pictures later and onto the advent of digital photography, phew!!! So much has changed except for my undying love of the art of photography.

They say I need a niche. Hmm. Couldn't decide then and still not sure now. But I can say I love light (and chasing it), laughter, natural beauty and documentaries. So....I'll keep shooting daily life and events, portraits, and all the beauty our world has to offer.